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Earn up to 9,000 USD monthly.

1. Boost the Trading Pool. Use affiliate link and promo content to invite new users. Deposits of invited users will be counted as capital raised by you.

2. Get a daily commission. The more capital you have raised in the Trading Pool, the higher your affiliate status and the daily commission.

3. Withdraw. Affiliate commission is paid daily at 00:00 UTC to your balance. Withdraw it to your wallet at any time.

Affiliate Statuses

Higher raised capital, higher salary level.

Raised capital:
50-1000 USD
0.07% / 2.1% / 25.2%
Raised capital:
1,000-5,000 USD
0.08% / 2.4% / 28.8%
Raised capital:
5,000-25,000 USD
0.1% / 3% / 36%
Raised capital:
25,000-75,000 USD
0.12% / 3.6% / 43.2%
Raised capital:
75,000-200,000 USD
0.15% / 4.5% / 54%

*daily / monthly / annual commission on the raised capital amount

Raised more than 200,000 USD? Become an official Microtrade Rep!

Become an official Microtrade Rep

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Best affiliate offer on the market.

Daily payouts. Start receiving affiliate commission daily at 00:00 UTC, 7 days a week. Withdraw it to your wallet or transfer to the Trading Pool at any time.

Profitable. Your reward grows with every new dollar in the Trading Pool. Reach new levels and earn over 50% commission of raised capital per year like our best affiliates.

Simple. Users love our product. Just share your link or promo content and start earning. Watch detailed affiliate stats in your account. Refer once, earn forever.

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Earn up to 9,000 USD monthly