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Microtrade Mission

“Don’t aim to be perfect! Aim to be Antifragile.” - N.N.Taleb

During the creation of Microtrade, the team was largely inspired by the ideas of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. How to benefit and survive in the chaos of the market? How to find patterns and not to depend on predictions of obviously random events? How to find certainty in uncertain times? Our project is an attempt to answer these difficult questions.

The current economic situation leaves fewer and fewer chances for an individual to achieve financial independence. The main profits are distributed among a few players who have innovation, large capital or political resources in their hands. Modern investment instruments are characterized by either high risk or low returns that do not even allow to outrun actual inflation. Microtrade, in turn, helps everyone get a fair balance risk-return balance and become financially Antifragile.


Our history

From China with 🧠︎

The platform was created and licensed in June 2019 in China under the name 微交易 (Microtransactions). In February 2020, after a series of final algorithm tests, we opened public access to the service for Chinese users. In one year of operation, more than 7,000 people became our users, the annual return reached 94%, AI was highly praised by multiple media outlets. In December 2020, we attracted 42,000,000 CNY of angel investment (about 6.5M USD) to develop our AI-driven technologies. The active scaling stage started.

In the beginning of 2021, the Chinese government approved strict legislative measures to limit the operation of cryptocurrency companies, which in fact made it impossible for us to provide services in the local market. So the company's operation in Сhina has been frozen in July 2021, user funds were refunded.

The team decided to use a subsidiary company (MicroAlgoTrading Inc Limited) registered in crypto-friendly Hong Kong to enter and focus on the global market under the new brand – Microtrade. The new brand was launched in December 2021 and has managed to gain the loyalty of many foreign users. We continue localization and development of the platform on the global market. Our team would be glad to consider any promising collaboration offers and get feedback on our product.


Future goals

The best crypto trading AI

Our team is united by one main goal: to build the best trading AI in the world. We continue improving the algorithm in 4 aspects that we identified as key: security, stability, efficiency and usability. Soon we plan to launch even more conservative product for the users - "Microtrade Protect", which will allow to get fixed profit.

We also develop new ways of using our technology. Now we are experimenting with other cryptocurrencies trading. For example, AI detected effective ways to trade altcoins, taking into account their correlation to BTC. In addition, we are planning to release our tokens and pondering the possibility of De-Fiing the platform. So stay tuned!

A big challenge for the company is expansion outside of China, to the global market. The product is in the process of adapting to new realities. We would be happy to get any feedback, ideas or support in spreading the word about our product and affiliate program. In return, we guarantee worthy financial rewards.

Main Goals for 2023:
- «Microtrade Protect» and other new products
- Trading Pool Volume 50M USD
- Expansion to new countries


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