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Microtrade AI - math is on your $ide.

The world's safest crypto bot. Unique Microtrade AI trades only Stablecoins, analyzing their price patterns. Earn from 140% APR in USD, easily and risk-free.

For everyone:

  • No code
  • No exchange account
  • No expertise is needed

Welcome to Microtrade
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and earn ≈ 0.384% daily in USD

A few reasons to join:


Daily profits. The average return of 0.384% per day. Get your first profit tomorrow.


100% safe. No losses guarantee. Fully automated, save your time and energy.


Start with 50 USD. Withdrawal at any time. Your money is your money.

How to get started:

3 effortless steps to first profit


Create an account. Top it up with BTC, ETH or Stablecoin you like.


Join Now. Your coins will start working instantly.


Earn. Get profits to your balance daily. Withdraw anytime.

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Get your first profit tomorrow

How AI generates income?

Watch why it's 100% safe

Challenge: Any asset (Stock, Crypto, etc) has unpredictable volatility. Attempts to forecast prices are scientifically meaningless because there is no pattern of change.

Challenge: Each new price movement is random. Humans feed bots with this random data, so it is not surprising why none of them can be profitable in the long run.

Solution: Microtrade AI is different. It analyzes and trades only Stablecoins because their price changes are minimal and predictable. Stablecoins is the sole asset class that always tends to its fair value.

Solution: Look at the USDT, the further its price moves away from 1 USD, the faster it will return to that value. Knowing this pattern, AI can forecast with amazing accuracy.

Solution: Analyzing a huge amount of data, AI knows how to buy at the best price and sell with maximum benefit. And it does it safely because Stablecoin prices always return to the predicted value.

Solution: AI also successfully trades different Stablecoins between each other, such as USDT/BUSD, USDT/DAI, USDC/USDT, and so on. Such pairs follow the same logic and patterns.

Solution: On average, AI generates about 0.4% per day, depending on the efficiency and Stablecoins volatility. AI is not always able to turn a profit, but it 100% guarantees no losses.

Join Microtrade: Trading Pool is the heart of AI. It uses this fund for trading transactions. The greater the Trading Pool, the more profits AI can generates.

Join Microtrade: Our AI is cool and mathematically flawless. We invite you to join Trading Pool, so you can start receiving a part of the profit AI makes. Automatically. With zero risk.

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AI average return

Min: 50 USD. Average: 2,440 USD.


*Without compounding and bonuses. Min. guaranteed profit: 0.1% daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microtrade?

Microtrade is a unique trading AI. It trades Stablecoins exclusively, since it’s the only asset type with predictable volatility and clear price change patterns. This allows Microtrade to completely eliminate trading risks and guarantee 100% security of funds, unlike any other trading bot.

All trading funds used by AI are kept in the unified Trading Pool. Anyone can join it and start getting daily profits.

The platform is built by a team of experienced developers and scientists. Some team members were involved in the creation of such large exchanges with Chinese roots as Huobi and OKEx.

Learn more about our team and history – Team.

Is everything automatic?

Yes, we have made it amazingly simple. You do not need to trade manually, code, or even have an exchange account. All you have to do is place the desired amount in the Trading Pool. Trading profit will be added to your balance daily at 00:00 UTC.

Is it safe?

We guarantee the absence of negative profitability due to the specifics of the algorithm's design. It is 100% safe, as the stabelcoins prices return to the predicted values in any case.

The algorithm was debugged and stress-tested for 2 years and we continue to constantly monitor AI performance to eliminate any possible losses. At the moment we do not see any serious vulnerabilities in the algorithm strategy, it is fully prepared for public use.

How much can I earn?

AI profitability varies in the approximate range from 0.00% to 0.7% daily, depending on the volatility of stabelcoins and algorithm efficiency on a certain day.

The average return is 0.384% daily, 11.5% monthly (30 days) and 140% per year. This is net profitability excluding the compounding and various bonuses. Profit is accrued in USD.

Minimum guaranteed return for depositing in the Trading Pool: 0.1% daily.

My funds will be locked up?

No. You can leave Trading Pool and withdraw your funds at any time. Without any restrictions or lockups.

Top your balance up via Stablecoin you like, BTC or ETH. Withdrawal is possible only via USDT (TRC-20).

Knowledge base

Learn more about Microtrade

Why Microtrade AI?

Better than the competitors

Stable. AI trades only Stabelcoins. This allows for high-quality risk control and loss prevention.

Profitable. Average return 140% USD per year. Compound option and various bonuses.

Secure. User accounts are securely protected. The AI strategy is constantly stress-tested.

Simple. Fully automated software and friendly interface. No expertise needed.

Convenient. Start with only 50 USD. Quick funds withdrawals, no lockups.

Daily payouts. Trading profit is added daily at 00:00 UTC, 7 days a week.

Total privacy. KYC is only required if the funds amount exceeds 50,000 USD.

Official Company. Microtrade is a legally registered company headquartered in Hong Kong.

Support 24/7. Please use our phone number, chat or e-mail to contact support anytime.

Become an affiliate

Earn up to 9,000 USD monthly

AI is learning

And getting better every day

Forecasting accuracy

AI efficiency is gradually increasing. This provides Trading Pool users with even more profits in the future.

People like Microtrade AI

Verified user reviews

Ibrahim from UAE

«Great idea and execution. Very easy to use the account. After 5 months of using Microtrade, I increased my dollar holdings significantly.»

Vilhelmas from Lithuania

«After about half a year, I increased my dollar deposit more than x1.6 times. The result is +64.3% or + 27,321 USDT. After a rebalancing of assets, I'll join again for sure.»

Archie from Hong Kong

«Product that was long overdue. Such trading bot has great potential, because of rising number of all sorts of stabelcoins.»

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Our performance

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Trading pool
+30M USD
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+11M USD
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